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April 27th, 2008

Curious to see if there were any stark similarities or contrasts within particular films, Pie aims to create an incredibly simple and concise baseline of comparison of films trough one particular trait: colour. This project was also the result of my first explorations into processing. The result is a number of triptychs comparing various films of particular trilogies, directors or genres. Click to see more.

Pie Pie Pie Pie

April 10th, 2008

An animated gif told in 80 pages. Original gif courtesy of the internet surfing club. Things, being school, are finally starting to slowly emerge towards an incredibly anticipated end in the near future. Graduation (and a sunny summer) is only three weeks away! The Emily Carr Grad show opens May 3, 2008 at 19h.


Say Hi To Me!
March 11th, 2008

Say Hi Gif

sayhitome is an extremely simple to use yet powerful shoutbox that does away with all of the limiting registrations and hoops that normally prevent anyone from leaving a comment. It is designed with people who have little web knowledge (or patience) in mind to provide the simplest experience while providing features like antispam and easy setup/administration. At the same time, it is fully customizable and can be made to fit easily into the identity of your own site. The primary goals were to make something self-hosted, free, easy to use, and very customizable. I’ve looked for other solutions and haven’t found any to be quite what I wanted so I decided it would be good to write something lightweight and simple. Partially inspired by the idea behind indexhibit’s participants listing, sayhito me also aims to enable a community of links to build itself on people’s websites.

This is the first version released and is almost completely functional. See the sayhitome page for a download and details. Alternately, you can visit the demo wall or leave me a comment on my own!

Shake shake shake
February 29th, 2008

Scatter Outlines

Scriptographer is a great Illustrator plugin from Jürg Lehni that lets you use javascript to control things. While working on the poster for scatter, I was trying to think of a way to make part of the process a bit quicker (the spreading out of all the triangles etc). The result is scatter.js for scriptographer. It allows you to move things around a central point by an amount that you specify on the x and y axes. I’m hoping to make some new additions down the road, but for now this might be useful if you need to scatter things around with some control of the randomness.

To use, select the objects you want to scatter (ungroup if necessary) and hit the play button.

Scattered Pyramid

Fig. 1: Before/After, 10x & 10y.

Scatter Pyramid 2

Fig. 2: Before/After, 10x & 50y.

Download v0.1 of scatter.js