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April 10th, 2008

An animated gif told in 80 pages. Original gif courtesy of the internet surfing club. Things, being school, are finally starting to slowly emerge towards an incredibly anticipated end in the near future. Graduation (and a sunny summer) is only three weeks away! The Emily Carr Grad show opens May 3, 2008 at 19h.


April 9th, 2008

Yet more ongoing process/ephemera towards semester grad project, a group of flipbooks portraying digital events: An animated gif animating, copying a file, hourglass cursors, a webpage loading etc… Set of handbound books recreating these digital animations in an analog format.


Paper Man
April 6th, 2008

More elements for degree project, a fully functioning paper ‘walkman’ (built with innards of a disassembled Sanyo tape player, cardboard, paper, scotch & masking tape and glue) which will be exhibited along with a variety of cassette albums where midi versions of albums have been dubbed over the original tapes.

Paper Man

April 2nd, 2008



Yet more ongoing process for degree project, 80+ handdrawn MS clipart images which will be compiled into a poster. Mockup poster below tiled to see sizes etc, printed at 100% so that line-work is still visible but not immediately apparent. Cliparts compiled from search query “Shapes” in the Microsoft Clipart Database, a bit of an ‘homage’ to the 90s boom of desktop publishing, the ‘very best’ kind of publishing!

I Heart Clip-Art.
March 12th, 2008

Digalog Process

My Flickr More Process

My Flickr More Process

As part of Spring semester degree project, producing analog versions of digital memes and reversing them back to digital. Wee little studio designed and built by Florence Truong.