Curious to see if there were any stark similarities or contrasts within particular films, Pie aims to create an incredibly simple and concise baseline of comparison of films trough one particular trait: colour. This project was also the result of my first explorations into processing. The outcome is a number of triptychs comparing various films of particular trilogies, directors or genres. A program written in processing captures each frame of each movie and essentially creates a 'pie chart' of the colours contained within each film producing a simplistic and abstracted representation. Each poster includes the film title, year, director, cinematographer, running time and occasionally, various surprising/unsurprising similarities.

Series of 24" x 30" triptychs w/ booklet.

Thanks for the interest everyone, I am still working on this project, a more cohesive poster/booklet is on the way! All film suggestions are welcome!

Sofia Coppola The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation & Marie Antoinette.

Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange

Godfather, Back to the Future Two trilogies where director & cinematographer remained consistent.

Adult Various pornographic films featuring global icons such as John Holmes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I, II & III

Black and White Citizen Kane, Bronenosets Potyomkin & Metropolis. (On coloured paper)

Piangle Thanks to Valerie for holding the magic animating foamcore.