Some samples from an ongoing collection of various DIY signs making use of Times/New Roman. These will eventually become an antiquity as Vista slowly becomes more prominent and Lucas de Groot's Calibri takes over. It will be interesting to see the contrast of new signs developed using Calibri whereas the plethora of existing, unlikely to ever be replaced, signs will suggest the early era of desktop publishing begun by Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Office.

There is something remarkable about the way in which these signmakers produce layouts in the restricted system of what is assumedly Microsoft Word or Publisher. It is remarkable to see the breadth of usages from simple flyers to store signage and full-blown corporate identities. Furthermore, the aesthetic of Times New Roman seems almost necessarily accompanied by bond paper, thumbtack holes, scotch tape and water/sun damage.

Ongoing collection to be booklet, poster. Submissions would be very much appreciated, especially internationally!